VIVEPAPERTM - A new chapter of VR
  • The World’s First Augmented-VR Reading Experience Powered by VIVEPAPER™
  • Vivepaper leverages Vive’s embedded front-facing camera to enable a type of AR on Vive called “video pass-through AR”. Vivepaper employs a hybrid AR-VR model called “Augmented Virtual Reality” (A-VR), whereby users can enrich the virtual experience with added realism by allowing tactile interactions with a physical object (in this case, a paper booklet).
  • Vive is the only major VR platform in the world that supports an A-VR experience. Vivepaper represents the beginning of the convergence of VR, MR, and AR, all on a single device.
System requirements
  • An HTC Vive and a Vive Ready PC
  • A paper booklet powered by Vivepaper
  • Android 5.1 or higher software
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 or higher CPU
  • 5+ inch, 1080p display
  • A Google Cardboard or a compatible mobile VR headset
Vivepaper is an open-source platform. We look forward to working with all developers.
Vivepaper editor
For inexperienced developers
Follow the Vivepaper SDK guide, you can easily publish content to Vivepaper editor without any coding.
Vivepaper Unity plugin
For Unity developers
Download the plugin and integrate into your Unity application. Create the most immersive VR reading experience.